Wonka’s Welcome Song

mm 现在最喜欢的儿歌,大家一起唱~~

Hihi haha hohohoho
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka
The Amazing Chocolatier.
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka…
Everybody give a cheer!

He’s modest, clever, and so smart,
He barely can restrain it.
With so much generosity,
There is no way to contain it…
To contain it…to contain…to contain…to contain.
Hihi haha hoho

Wee hihi haha hoho
Wee hihi haha hoho hihi haha hoho
Willy Wonka woo, Willy Wonka woo…
He’s the one that you’re about to meet.
Willy Wonka, woo Willy Wonka woo
He’s a genius who just can’t be beat.
The magician and the chocolate wiz…
The best darn guy who ever lived.
Willy Wonka here he is!

Youtube link.

Wonka’s Welcome Song


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